Social Responsibility

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It is of utmost importance to our company that we operate in a manner that respects the health, safety and rights of all people and which promotes the well-being of our environment.

We maintain the strictest adherence to all standard industry protocols, and are deeply invested in partnerships with organizations that are committed to sustainable development. Our gold, platinum and gemstones are only obtained from reputable sources.

Where diamonds in particular are concerned, we trade exclusively with countries that are members of the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme.  The Kimberly Process, as initiated by the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 55/56, is a process by which the origin of rough diamonds is subjected to intense scrutiny, and is intended to provide diamond buyers with assurance that the diamonds they purchase are not what are popularly referred to as “conflict diamonds.”  In other words, diamonds obtained from sources that adhere to Kimberly Process certification scheme will not be used to fund political insurgents, government rebellions, war, and will not in any other  way fund any activity that perpetuates human rights abuses.

On even the smallest scale, we run each of our studios and offices in an environmentally responsible manner.  Whenever possible, we rely upon paperless processes – such as utilizing eFaxes in lieu of traditional paper printouts, and carrying out presentations on a touchscreen instead of generating paper copies.  We recycle and repurpose materials, and continually seek out new ways to conserve precious limited resources.