During the late French renaissance era, concentrations of beautifully landscaped gardens were slowly becoming more prevalent and elaborate. These famous gardens played an important role in French society, providing a place to relax, dance, read poetry and conduct romance.

The graceful gardens of Monet at Giverny and the Marie Antoinette gardens of Versailles remain among the most famous in the world. These legendary gardens are representative of a vast variety of flowers, color and beauty.

The inspiration for this collection was founded in my love of these majestic gardens, where nature becomes art and art is influenced by nature. These designs are based on the ideals of harmony and balance that were born during this elegant time period.

The hues of green capture the green found in the Versailles gardens and is used as the main color. The vivid blue color is associated with the French royal blue. The subtle elegant hues of blue are also reflective of Marie Antoinette and her world of color and famous style.

ln 1889 Paris gane the most reconisable tower, the eiffel tower. her lattice design inspire this collection, the architectural majestic lines and lattice work found in the elegant design structure of the eiffel tower. This ring is reminicent of the romance and ideals that Paris brings.

ln 1889, Paris constructed one of the world’s most recognizable cultural icons, the world famous Eiffel Tower. The architectural majestic lines and latticework found in the elegant design structure of the Eitfel tower were the inspiration for this ring collection.

Through intricate detail in the use of brilliant and square cut diamonds, additional gems such as aquamarines are perfectly cut and faceted to decorate the shank in a French inspired jewelry design of this famous tower,

This ring perfectly captures the romance and ideals that Paris evokes.