Creative Studio


The Creative Studio in Beverly Hills is a place where world-class craftsmanship and creativity combine to transform a client’s dream into a sparkling reality.

From the first flash of inspiration to the unveiling of the completed masterpiece, we invite our clients to join us on the creative journey and to immerse themselves at every stage, guided by our team of designers to explore the infinite possibilities that arise when imagination and innovation meet.

The Creative Studio is equipped with a comprehensive spectrum of tools to bring your creative vision to life. From craftsmanship that has been honed over centuries to the latest in touchscreen technology and computer-aided design, inspiration is carefully guided towards its culmination as a unique work of art.

Our highly skilled design team deploys every known technique to create true masterpieces – hand-painting and sketching designs are subsequently rendered three-dimensional online before being passed to our specialist craftsmen who handcraft a singular creation of ingenuity, vibrancy and quality. From this artistic collaboration emerge creations of truly original beauty.